Fitus is a modern fitness center where you will find everything you need to maintain healthy lifestyle, beauty and wellbeing. Spacious gym, motivating group workouts, modern SPA area – everything is developed for you to enjoy moments of full-fledged exercising and recreation. Newly integrated sound and air conditioning systems ensure a high-quality indoor air, clean and hygienic environment. Modern wardrobes are equipped with spacious showers – all for the comfort of our customers. Fitus gym is a unique combination of long-term professional experience, physical activities and high-quality recreation. Reach your personal goals by using modern and functional Life Fitness equipment. Choose from a wide variety of group workout sessions in spacious and fully-equipped halls. Relax and recover in our SPA and sauna zone with a 25-meter swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

Fitus is a perfect place to reach harmony between body and soul. Exercise and relax whenever convenient for you – fitness center is open from early morning to late evening.



What is offered to FITUS customers:

  • Towels on each visit
  • Water coolers with advanced filtering systems
  • Spacious wardrobes and showers
  • Clean and hygienic environment
  • Group workout halls – more than 350 square meters
  • A wide range of group workouts of different intensity
  • Modern and functional Life Fitness equipment
  • 25-meter swimming pool, three swimming lanes
  • Relaxing jacuzzis
  • Sauna and steam room
  • Cozy and modern interior
Purchase a membership before the opening of the center, and get a 10 % discount!

Membership prices:

Membership 12 months 6 months 3 months 1 month
Unlimited membership 88 EUR/month 95 EUR/month 99 EUR/month 110 EUR/month
Mid-day membership (working days from 9:00 to 16:00 o’clock) 70 EUR/month 75 EUR/month 83 EUR/month 90 EUR/month
Single visit* 22 EUR


A single-visit fee is included in the price of the selected 6-month or 12-month membership. Offer is valid when purchasing a 6-month or 12-month membership not later than 1 month after the single visit. It is required to have a single-visit purchase receipt.

Swimming lessons for children (under 16 years old):

Membership 12 months 6 months 3 months 1 month
Swimming lessons 70 EUR/month 75 EUR/month 78 EUR/month 83 EUR/month
Single visit 12 EUR




  • Fitus fitness centre rules (hereinafter - the Rules) are mandatory for all individuals using the services provided by Fitusfitness centre (hereinafter – Fitness centre) operated by Ega LT, UAB.
  • Rules definitions shall apply:
    • Services – fitness centre services that consist of training (group sessions) and gym facilities, SPA and sauna area.
    • Client - a person who acquired a personal membership or single-visit card and paid a price as indicated in Fitness centre’s official pricelist.
    • Membership card – personal card issued by a Fitness centre that helps identify the Client; Client is therefore entitled to use the services of the Fitness centre.
    • Single-visit ticket – Client’s acquired right to use the services of the Fitness centre once (1 time) depending on the type of service purchased.
    • Membership – Client’s acquired right, depending on the type of membership purchased, to use the services of the Fitness centre during the fixed period, but not more than once (1 time) per weekday.
  • Persons who wish to use the services provided by the Fitness centre should purchase the Membership or Single-visit ticket, agree to general provisions against signature, and follow these Rules. Rules and prices are published on the official website Fitness centre reserves the right to change the Rules without prior notice.
  • Parents or guardians must sign the Rules for minor Clients under the age of 16. A person over the age of 16 must sign the Rules himself/herself, thereby certifying that his/her state of health allows him/her to use the services of the Fitness centre, he/she is acquainted with the Rules and will follow them as well as compensate for the damages made for the Fitness centre or third parties according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Children under the age of 4 are not allowed to the Fitness centre.
  • Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to use gym equipment.
  • Minors between the age of 14 and 16 can use the gym equipment only under the supervision of parents (guardians) or personal trainer.
  • Minors from the age of 16 and 18 can only use the gym equipment if they have a written request from parents (guardians) and a certificate on their health condition stating their ability to use the gym equipment.
  • SPA zone can be used by persons under the age of 16 only under the supervision of parents (guardians). Parents are not participating in the group lessons, but they can watch the live stream from the swimming pool in the café-restaurant. Clients must follow trainer’s instructions, participate only in the prescribed lessons according to the doctor’s certificate (form 027A) and approval of parents (guardians).
  • Clients who wish to purchase the Membership or Single-visit ticket must provide their personal identity document to the reception staff. Staff enters the client into Client accounting system.
  • After Client’s approval, Fitness centre’s staff has the right to take a photo of the Client and use the photo for identification purposes.
  • Clients can pay for the services using cash, credit/debit cards or Fitness centre gift voucher. Gift voucher conditions are indicated on every voucher.
  • Client must be certain that his/her health condition allows him/her to use the services of the Fitness centre, choose the level of physical load according to his/her individual needs, personal qualities and influence on the body.
  • Client is responsible for injuries and accidents occurring during his/her visit at the Fitness centre, except in cases where the accident is caused by the fault of the Fitness centre.
  • Group sessions take place in the presence of at least 5 (five) Clients.
  • Clients who have not used the services before and purchase a 12-month Membership have the right to get a full refund within five (5) business days. For other Clients who purchase Membership or single-visit tickets money is not refunded, except in cases when the Client is not able to use the services on Fitness centre’s fault or under other legislation.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area.
  • Fitness centre conducts indoor video surveillance as indicated on the information plates inside the building.
  • When purchasing the Membership, Clients pays a one-time card fee and is issued the personal Membership card (hereinafter – Card).Card payment is not included into Fitness centre service fee. The card must be presented to the reception staff upon each arrival. Clients are not allowed to the Fitness centre without Membership card, except in cases when it is possible to identify the Client in the database and determine that his/her Card is valid.
  • Client must activate his Card, i.e. start using the services not later than seven (7) days after the payment date. If the client does not activate it within the required period, the card is activated automatically and Membership period is being started (based on the Membership type).
  • If the Card is lost or damaged, Client has to fill in new application and pay for the new card.
  • Card cannot be transferred to other individuals without the permission of the Fitness centre. Client must provide a written request to transfer personal Membership card to another individual. If the request is granted, the individual indicated in the request receives a new Membership card for the agreed period, and has to pay a one-time Card fee.
  • Client who wants to change his/her membership type has to present a written request to the Fitness centre. If cheaper Membership is changed to more expensive, Client has to cover price difference according to current pricelist on that date. If Membership is changed to a cheaper one, price difference is not refunded to the Client.
  • Membership is changed and activated within three (3) working days after the written request is submitted and payment made.
  • Client can suspend his Membership for the indicated period after informing Fitness centre administration one working day in advance. When suspension period expires, membership period continues automatically.
  • Membership for 1, 3, 6, 12 months can be suspended according to these rules:
    • 12-month Membership can be suspended for a period not longer than sixty (60) calendar days; administration must be informed 5 (five) working days in advance (Membership is suspended based on the intervals of 14/21/30 days);
    • 6-month Membership can be suspended for a period not longer than thirty (30) calendar days (Membership is suspended based on the intervals of 14/21/30 days);
    • Membership can be extended in case of Client’s illness. Client must fill in the Fitness centre’s application and present SODRA certificate (for officially employed individuals), or doctor’s certificate (for those working under individual activity certificate/business license).
  • Along with doctor’s certificate, clients must provide necessary documentation to prove that they are working under individual activity certificate/business license or are on paternity/maternity leave. In such cases Membership is extended for the illness period indicated in SODRA certificate or medical records.
  • Children’s Membership can be extended due to illness. Supporting documentation must be provided. Membership is extended from third day of illness as indicated in doctor’s certificate.
  • 6-month and 12-month Membership can be extended during a business trip if Client submits Fitness centre’s application and brings the official business trip order from his/her employer along with travel documentation.
  • When the reception staff identifies the Client, he/she is provided with a key-watch which allows the Client to enter Fitness centre’s premises and use the services that he/she has paid for in advance.
  • The duration of Client’s visit depends on the type of Membership, and starts from the moment of issuing a key-watch.
  • Clients who do not leave the Fitness centre within the required period of time, must pay additional fee according to Fitness centre’s official pricelist which is available at the reception. Fitness centre reserves the right to change the pricelist without prior notice.
  • When leaving the Fitness club, client must return his/her key-watch and other issued items to reception staff. If the client does not return the key-watch, delay fee is applied. If Client loses or damages items issued by the Fitness club, he/she has to compensate for the damage according to Fitness centre pricelist.
  • Personal belongings and clothes should be put in lockers; shoes must be put in separate lockers for shoes.
  • It is recommended not to bring valuable items to the Fitness centre. Fitness centre is not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings. In the event of theft or loss, Client must inform the reception staff immediately. If Client forgets his personal belongings at the club’s premises, they are stored for 14 (fourteen) calendar days.
  • Client has a right to:
    • Use the Services of the Fitness centre after purchasing Membership for selected period of time or a single-visit ticket.
    • Refuse the Services and request to refund Membership fee (proportional to the time left to the expiration date) only after covering the consequent direct losses experienced by the Fitness centre, including but not limited to:
      • Granted discount for long-term Membership for the period from the purchase date to termination date. The calculation is made by taking the difference between regular price per month and the discounted price that the Client has paid (whole sum is divided by the number of months of the purchased Membership). The resulting difference is multiplied by number of months from the purchase date to the date of termination;
      • If the Membership fee is paid by direct debit, the customer shall indemnify all fees paid by the Fitness centre to the banks and other administrating companies from the date of signing the contract until the date of termination;
      • Applied compensation for sick leave and other periods;
      • Debt management costs and other related expenses.
    • Client is committed to:
      • Be sober from any intoxicating substances (drugs, medicine, alcohol and other toxic substances);
      • Do not bring food or alcoholic beverages to Fitness centre premises;
      • Do not take photos or make videos in the premises without written permission from Fitness centre’s management;
      • Use Fitness centre’s inventory and equipment with caution and care;
      • Use Fitness centre’s inventory and equipment only for its intended purpose and according to Rules and procedures, follow the recommendations and instructions of responsible personnel; equipment used during the group sessions must be used responsibly and kept suitable for other Clients;
      • Not use broken equipment and inventory, and inform responsible staff members about broken property immediately;
      • Take all measures to ensure health safety and avoid harming oneself and other Clients;
      • Not disturb other Clients using Fitness centre’s services, and inform the staff immediately if any misconduct by other Clients is occurring;
      • Immediately inform the staff about injuries and health problems that occurred to himself/herself or fellow Clients using Fitness centre’s equipment. Client must put all efforts to help others and provide all witnessed information to staff members, medical workers or authorities;
      • Only visit the premises that are designated for Client use;
      • Leave premises on time (according to Membership type) before the centre’s closing hours;
      • Compensate direct losses to the Fitness centre if he/she unilaterally terminates Membership before the expiry date or if the centre terminates the Membership because of Client’s fault;
      • Wear proper and clean apparel and sports footwear.
    • In the gym premises Client is responsible to:
      • Lay his/her own towel on gym equipment before using it;
      • After exercising, leave the equipment clean and tidy; put all other inventory in their designated places;
      • Take a shower before entering other sports zones after exercising at the gym;
    • During group sessions Client is responsible to:
      • Not be late to group sessions because trainers have the right to refuse the admission of Client who is late;
      • Take a shower before entering other sports zones after group sessions;
    • It is forbidden to:
      • Use the equipment in group session halls without the presence of the instructor;
      • Wear footwear with coloured soles that could leave stains on the floor and inventory.
    • In the SPA zone, client is responsible to:
      • Take a shower before entering the pool, sauna, and after using restrooms;
      • Wear swimwear, cap and slippers with non-slip soles;
      • Enter and leave the pool using the pool ladder;
      • Lay own towel in sauna and steam room.
    • In SPA zone, it is forbidden to:
      • Use the SPA zone for individuals who have infectious or viral diseases, open wounds or other medical conditions that pose risk to other Clients’ health;
      • Jump into the pool, push other Clients, run around and disturb other Clients using the Services in the SPA zone;
      • Ignore the instructions from the staff;
      • Bring refreshments in glass containers;
      • Poor the liquid onto sauna’s heating equipment;
      • Touch the sauna’s heating system and behave irresponsibly.
    • It is strictly forbidden to carry out personal hygiene procedures in locker rooms, and use hair dryer to dry apparel or footwear.
    • Client’s responsibilities:
      • Client must compensate material damaged caused to the Fitness centre by his/her fault (or the fault of those accompanying him) according to Fitness centre’s loss assessment statement.
      • The damages has to be compensated within three (3) business days after the statement has been submitted, unless agreed differently with Fitness centre administration.
  • Fitness centre reserves the right to:
    • Amend working hours;
    • Close the club for 48 hours during the maintenance process;
    • Indicate new or amended terms and conditions for Fitness centre Services during promotion campaigns that are applicable to all Clients that have purchased certain membership.
    • Create schedule for group sessions and amend them unilaterally.
    • When in doubt of Client’s medical condition, ask the Client to stop the workout, recommend him/her to see a doctor and submit doctor’s certificate indicating health condition.
    • Refuse to provide Services to individuals who have health problems and can therefore pose risk to other Clients health, Fitness centre’s inventory and the hygiene in swimming pool, bathrooms or saunas.
    • Demand that the Clients who have violated these Rules stop using the Services and leave the premises of the Fitness centre immediately. Payment for this visit is not refunded. Client is only refunded the payment for the remaining period of the Membership, excluding the payment for direct losses incurred by the Fitness centre due to Client’s non-compliance.
  • Fitness centre is committed to:
    • Follow Lithuanian law and other regulations as well as these Rules when providing Services to the client;
    • Inform the Clients about the changes in centre’s opening hours not later that three (3) calendar days in advance.
    • Provide Services during the whole Membership period, except the cases when Fitness centre is closed due to reasons not related to the Client (emergencies, planned maintenance, sanitary hygiene and other cases when Fitness club cannot operate its normal service);
    • Suspend and extend Client card’s validity for the period when Fitness centre is closed due to the aforementioned reasons, except public holidays and maintenance work;
    • Suspend and extend Client card’s validity if the Client submits all required documentation indicated in these Rules;
  • Fitness centre’s responsibility:
    • Fitness centre does not compensate for the damage incurred to the Client, unless it is Fitness centre’s fault.
  • By getting acquainted with these Rules against signature, Client confirms that:
    • He/she is familiar with these Rules, agrees to follow them and compensate for any negative consequences that may occur due if the Rules are not followed properly;
    • He/she agrees to be photographed for identification purposes, and agrees that his photo is kept in Fitness centre’s Client database;
    • He/she agrees that his/her phone number and e-mail address are used by Ega LT, UAB, for direct marketing purposes (newsletters, promotions, advertisements, etc.);
  • By getting acquainted with these Rules against signature, parents/guardians of minors confirm that:
    • Minor’s health condition allows him/her to use the Services;
    • Minor is fully familiar with the Rules and willing to follow them;
    • Damaged incurred will be compensated according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania;
    • They are responsible for minor’s behaviour and any health disorder;
    • Agrees that the minor is photographed for identification purposes, and agrees that his/her photo is kept in Fitness centre’s Client database.
    • Clients’ personal data is processed according to Personal Data law of theRepublic of Lithuania. Clients have the right to get familiar with Fitness centre’s rules for processing personal data in Fitness centre’s administration.

All clients that get acquainted with the Rules put their signature in the journal.